Our Impacts

Benefits to Local Farmers

Improve the life of rural Cambodians by increasing production of high quality produce that will generate additional income opportunities. STC plays one of the most important roles in opening a new horizon for the farmers in Kouk Srok Commune, as the Club creates an initiative to create Cooking Class Destination. The package will focus, just beyond the need of personal economic incentive, but to elevate the quality of life of Kouk Srok Citizens. This Cooking Class Destination focuses on high quality, organic, and locally grown fruits and vegetables. It allows the people to work really hard to match the demand rate of the restaurant, thus fostering the liveliness.

Support Local Product

It is extremely important to the health of Cambodians to have access to clean, organic whenever possible, and locally produced fruits and vegetables. Our objective is to support our Cambodian farmers to increase production of local produce while reducing our need for imported fruits and vegetables. The objective does not only serve the purpose to grow the community but also to alleviate our impact on the environment by cutting the carbon emission from the logistic chains.

Your Donation

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Bank : ABA Bank

Account Name: Siem Reap Tourism Club Association